Serratus Pepper Mill - Douglas Fir

A playful reimagination of the household classic. Simply twist the top to produce fresh pepper.

Engineered to last. Not fragile, despite appearances.

Made in Canada from ethically-sourced wood.

-Can also be used with rock salt
-Grain-matched solid wood with internal reinforcement
-High-quality Danish ceramic grinding mechanism
-Easily refilled via built-in funnel in bottom
10" (24.5cm) tall, 2⅝" (67mm) maximum diameter

About this wood: Douglas fir (pseudotsuga menziesii) is a North American softwood best known for its historical and modern importance as a timber tree. The wood is a consistent light reddish-brown with extremely straight grain and relatively little colour variation. Douglas firs are among the tallest and largest trees in the world and can exceed 1000 years in age.

Douglas firs across their natural range have been decimated by commercial logging and only a tiny fraction of the once-great ancient forests stand to this day. In our view it is critical that we leave these remaining Ancient forests intact; although we do use old-growth Douglas fir in our products, 100% of it comes from salvaged or reclaimed timber.

Please note that every pepper mill will be unique due to natural variation in each piece of wood.

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