Serratus Pepper Mill - Curly Birch

A playful reimagination of the household classic. Simply twist the top to produce fresh pepper.

Engineered to last. Not fragile, despite appearances.

Made in Canada from ethically-sourced wood.

-Can also be used with rock salt
-Grain-matched solid wood with internal reinforcement
-High-quality Danish ceramic grinding mechanism
-Easily refilled via built-in funnel in bottom
10" (24.5cm) tall, 2⅝" (67mm) maximum diameter

About this wood: The intricate grain patterns of curly birch (betula pendula var. carelica) are the product of a genetic "flaw" that occurs in a very small percentage of silver birch trees in the region of Karelia (in Finland and Russia). This type of tree, sometimes called Masur birch or Karelian birch, is incredibly rare to come across in the wild.

Although these trees are small, slow-growing, and notoriously difficult to cultivate, a few farmers have made it their life's work to plant and maintain curly birch forests so that one day we could enjoy the patterns you see here. We are certainly grateful for their dedication and happy to support them through our own work.

Please note that every pepper mill will be unique due to natural variation in each piece of wood.

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